Ingredients and Supplies


We sell all grain and extract ingredients and supplies for homebrewing, as well as supplies for making wine, mead, cider, and other fermented beverages. Stop by to select a kit or put together your own recipe. Grains available by the pound or ounce, download price list here.

Know what you want? Email us at with your ingredient list and we'll put it together for you. Be sure to specify if you need the grains cracked.

Need a recommendation? Let us know what you like to drink or like to make and we'll offer some ideas.

Need a brew kit? We carry a variety ranging from pale ales to bourbon stouts, but we'd be glad to order one for you if you don't see what you need.

Need a recipe? We have an extensive recipe book and can put ingredients together for you to pick up. Most recipes are available as full mash, partial mash, or extract.  

New to homebrewing? We carry starter kits and can provide ingredients for beginner recipes. We also carry the ultimate book for new brewers, Charlie Papazian's The Complete Joy of Homebrewing.




Need new equipment? We carry basic brewing equipment, but if you're looking for something specific, email us at and we'll order it for you and have it waiting when you're ready to pick it up. High value items may require a deposit.

Not sure what equipmenet you need or have a question? Email or call us or stop by the Hub. 

Looking for a gift for the homebrewer in your life? We can help you find the perfect gift or can order something special if we don't stock it already.






AHA memberships available at the Hub. AHA members receive 10% discount on homebrew supplies.






We will exchange full CO2 tanks for empty ones or sell full tanks. We can send old tanks to our vendor for hydro testing if tank needs testing.

5 lb Exchange - $35

20 lb Exchange - $55

5 lb Purchase (full tank) - $105

20 lb Purchase (full tank) - $165

Hydro Test (if tank is out-of-date) - $40