Are you pet friendly?

Animals are not allowed inside (too many bottles), but we have picnic tables outside where our four-legged friends can relax.

Do you sell liquor?

No. In North Carolina, only the state-run ABC stores can sell liquor. The nearest one is at 52 Dayco Dr, Waynesville, NC 28786.


Do you sell food?

We sell a few limited snacks (chips, peanuts, etc.), but that's all. However, we welcome carry-in food. There are many excellent food options in downtown Waynesville. Also, Ian & Jojo’s Pizzeria & Restaurant will deliver to our location.


Are you kid friendly?

As long as they are well-behaved, children are welcome. We have some games for kids (and adults) and a giant chalkboard. We sell locally-made soda.

Do you ship?

We do not ship alcohol. If you only visit Waynesville occasionally, we can hold special items for you until your next visit.